In my first year of university I really hated all my programming subjects. Then, I realized that's the thing I most enjoyed ever. First we started with C, then Java, then C++, and finally, my beloved Javascript. We did a lot of stuff: Games development, web development, 3D development (Shaders, WebGL, Modelling...), photography, design, video processing, etc.

During this years I studied abroad in Ireland, an internship in Germany and had one of the best experiences of my life launching a Start-up with some good colleagues.


My internship was the first touch with the real-life-work® , and I really enjoyed it, as I could learn many things that are not taught in universities. So just before finishing my studies I got another internship to work for some months in my university in a really cool project, which finally would be part of my Bachelor's Thesis.

This project was related to IoT stuff. I developed a platform (backend, frontend and hardware) to control a series of smart devices spread across the campus with sensors attached. This platform would gather all this data and send it to a third party service inside the university.

Finally I got back to the starting point, getting a real-life-job® in adidas, where I am growing as a person and engineer day by day.


2017 - Now

Software Developer


Creating new digital products employing cutting-edge technologies. Mostly in the field of web applications and data processing.

  • Kubernetes and Docker, Microservices Architectures
  • Typescript, Javascript
  • React, Redux
  • NodeJS, Express
  • Functional Programming
  • Serverless / Lambda
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Kafka
  • ElasticSearch

Software Developer

University of Alicante

Internet of Things project about sending sensors around the university of Alicante and collecting diversal data like temperature, light, smoke, etc.

Download papers (Spanish, 9Mb)


Software Developer Internship

adidas - Nürnberg, Germany

Internship working mainly as a Frontend Web Developer.

2012 - 2017

Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Engineering

University of Alicante - Spain

Studies in the field of computer science. Related to multimedia technologies:

  • Software Design and Development
  • Games Development
  • 3D and image
  • Audio

BSc in Computing in Games Development

Institute of Technology of Sligo - Sligo, Ireland

Studies abroad in Ireland related to web development and games development.

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